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This guide shows you how. Each section below shows you different customization options for your Bluetooth mouse. Each guide below requires you to navigate to the AssistiveTouch settings on your iPad. You can customize what actions the buttons on your mouse perform.

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Follow these steps to set specific buttons to open Control Center, go to the home screen, open Siri and more. Adjusting the cursor color will only change part of the ring, but it can be useful from an accessibility and aesthetic perspective.

Under Cursor Size, you can drag the slider from small to large to adjust the size of your mouse cursor. Adjust the slider from slow to fast.

iPad 9.7-inch

Move your mouse around to determine what tracking speed is best for you. Need to screen mirror or record your iPad and mouse? Check out this helpful video. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U. Surface and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.

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Miracast is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance. Squirrels - Apps to go nuts for.

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Save time. Stay in the know. Get the best articles straight to your inbox. Search post. The The Apple iPad is available with storage of 64, , or GB. The Apple iPad Pro Display Size: Apple - iPad Pro An upgrade of the previous generation, the sixth generation iPad has processor upgrades and supports the Apple Pencil. The 9. The Apple iPad is sold with options for 32 or GB storage. The Apple iPad 9. Display Size: 9.

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Apple - iPad 9. The 7. The Apple iPad mini 4 is currently only sold as a GB model. The Apple iPad Mini 4 was released in Display Size: 7.

Apple iPad. Common Questions. Apple iPhones. Apple MacBook. Text by. Apple iPad 9. Apple iPad Mini 4. Apple iPad Pro Apple iPad Pro 11". Apple iPad Pro 11" 9. Apple iPad Mini 4 5. Apple iPad Pro 11" 7. Apple iPad Mini 4 Apple iPad Pro 11" Apple iPad Pro 11" has a width of 7. Apple iPad Pro 11" has a height of 9. The Apple iPad Pro 11" has an overall height of 9. The seat height of the Apple iPad Pro 11" is set at with arms at. The seat height of the Apple iPad Pro 11" is set at. Apple iPad Pro 11" have an overall length of and width of 7.

Apple iPad Pro 11" have an overall area of. The Apple iPad Pro 11" has a seat height set at and an arm height of.

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  8. The average Apple iPad Pro 11" has an overall height of 9. A typical Apple iPad Pro 11" weighs between and has a lifespan of roughly