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That's the question Phyllis Tickle - one of America's most beloved writers on Christian spirituality - asked when she set out to write what she calls a 'Sayings gospel'.

In The Words of Jesus Tickle has compiled and arranged all the sayings of Jesus from the first four books of the New Testament and the first chapter of the Book of Acts in a way that creates an entirely new kind of encounter with the texts. And she has accompanied those sayings with her own personal reflections and commentaries, not just on the words themselves, but on the One who spoke them. She shares stories of her childhood in eastern Tennessee as the only child of the dean at the local college—including her first inkling of the power and comfort of prayer and her realization that prayer required a disciplined routine, that it is "best practiced by a composed mind and spirit.

As Tickle chronicles her deepening understanding of prayer and the rewards of marriage, family, and a spiritual life, she reaches across the boundaries that separate one denomination from another and presents a portrait of spiritual growth and transformation that will appeal to devout practitioners and their less religious neighbors as well. Within a very personal story, Tickle reveals the keys that will help readers of all faiths find the path that leads from the everyday world of "doing" to the special place of simply "being.

A leading authority on religion and spirituality in America recounts the changes she witnessed from —, a period she compares to the tumultuous years of the Reformation and Peri-Reformation in Europe.

The Divine Hours, Pocket Edition

Prayer Is a Place is her insightful first-person account of the people she has met and the trends she has observed over twelve crucial years of change in American religion. Tickle writes about her face-to-face meetings with such luminaries as the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Chief Mullah of Jerusalem; describes speeches and conferences that redefined traditional religions; and chronicles the birth of new approaches to religion and spirituality.

The result is a fascinating overview of the reconfiguration of religion in America and its impact on our culture. In charting the changes, passions and innovations that have occurred, Tickle remains a clear-eyed, unbiased and sympathetic observer. Here she has attentively gathered all of the poems she wished to preserve from the last half century. A handful of them were written in the last few years.

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This book should surprise a lot of people. Its honesty leaves me breathless. Sweeney, editor of Phyllis Tickle: Essential Spiritual Writings Orbis , and author of the biography, Phyllis Tickle forthcoming "Fierce-minded, Phyllis Tickle's poems place us in the most central of human concerns, namely the lifelong search for rest, fellowship, peace, and grace.

Her best poems—"The Cranes," for instance—teach us that we, too, are only "migratory," moving from one place to another and that there has always been a voice "like manna This way! The page became a canvas, and master writer Phyllis Tickle's pen brushed her life, family, and friends, then framed them in a sense of place. Hungry Spring and Ordinary Song reaches from the bottom of her soul to the top of her heart and mind.

Phyllis never holds anything back. This book is a masterpiece that will hang in our memory galleries forever. She was the founding religion editor at Publishers Weekly and a leading voice in the Emerging Christianity movement.

That's the question Phyllis Tickle--one of America's most beloved writers on Christian spirituality--asked when she set out to write what she calls a "sayings gospel. And she accompanies those sayings with her own personal reflections and commentaries not just on the words themselves but on the One who spoke them. And she has accompanied those sayings with her own personal reflections and commentaries not just on the words themselves but on the One who spoke them. From the church's birth to the reign of St. Gregory the great, to the Great Schism and through the Reformation, Phyllis Tickle notes that every years the church has been rocked by massive transitions.

Remarkably enough, Tickle suggests to us that we live in such a time right now. The Great Emergence Examines history, social upheaval, and current events, showing how a new form of Christianity is rising within postmodern culture.

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Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. Prices and offers may vary in store. Kobo ebook. When Phyllis Tickle's marvelous devotional trilogy The Divine HoursTM appeared, readers responded with gratitude, praise, and a great many requests for an edition of hourly prayers that they could easily carry with them--an edition that would make this ancient form of Christian worshipcompatible with the pace and mobility of modern life.

Now, in The Divine Hours Pocket EditionTM, Tickle has gathered one full week of fixed-hour prayers, providing an ideal companion for travelers, office-workers, people on retreat or pilgrimage, as well as newcomers to this age-old spiritual practice. As Tickle writes in her introduction, "prayeris always a place as well as an action, and the daily offices are like small chapels or wayside stations within the day's courses.

Tickle draws her texts primarily from the Book of Common Prayer and the writings of the Church Fathers, and includes memorable devotional and meditative poems by Cleland McAfee, Charles Wesley, andothers. Tickle also provides a chapter of "Traditional, Seasonal, and Occasional Prayers" in order to accommodate special dates like Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving; major life-changes such as marriage, birth, death, and illness; and moments of special petition or thanksgiving. For all those who want to carry a "small chapel" of prayers with them, The Divine Hours Pocket EditionTM offers a convenient, easy-to-use, and deeply spiritual guide to a devotional practice that extends all the way back to Christ and the twelve Apostles.

The Divine Hours

About The Author. She is the author of the best-selling "Stories from The Farm in Lucy" Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. The Tickle Papers Hardback. Tithing: Test Me in This Paperback. In Constant Prayer Paperback. Rediscovering the Sacred Hardback. God Talk in America Hardback.

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