Technology Transfer: From Invention to Innovation

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During this time technical details, data, and substantiation are provided to patent attorneys to assist in the likelihood of securing a patent. With a researchers assistance, office staff identify companies that have the resources and business networks necessary to bring the technology to market.

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A researchers active involvement in this stage can drastically enhance this process. This phase begins when a company expresses interest in the marketed invention or technology.

An office staff member will handle all aspects of the negotiation, all the while seeking input from the inventor and keeping them informed. Certain rights in the technology are granted to the licensee, under specific terms and conditions, as specified by LSU policy. Skip to main content.

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What is the Technology Transfer Process? At CNRS Innovation, the Transfert and Lincensing project managers meet with research team in laboratories to identify new technologies to protect. Our teams support inventors in the process of invention protection. After the patent application filing, CNRS Innovation can be in charge of the management and the tracking of national and international procedure. CNRS Innovation is looking for the best patner for technology transfert.

At business convention or with a focused approach, CNRS Innovation is prensenting the technology to startup, small and medium business, and to major account. Based on our extensive experiences, we can offert contractual arrangements adapted to the business model and the development plan of your industrial partner in respect of your licensing policy.

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After the signatur of your rights assignment contract, CNRS Innovation continue to verify the execution of the contract clause and also monitor the development and the exploitation of the technology. In addition our teams watch potential conflictual situation and offert stastifying solutions for each endorsers. Start-up Researcher Industrial Academic partner Venture capitalist.

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Detecting the best partners to help you overcome your current technological issues. Technology Transfer From the premise of an invention to its transfer to an industrial, our goal is to find partners, negotiate exploitation contracts and look after its good implementation.

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