Say Dear, Will You Not Have Me?

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After a rough 46 years, I am finally happy. I have two beautiful daughters one of whom is named after you and three grandsons.

Dear Tutor, how should I reply to a person telling me"Pleasure to meet you"

I will never forget what you taught me as a young child. However, the best lesson I learned from your death is that I will never do what you did. Even after some very difficult times, my will to live never left me. I hope you are proud of me, and that I am a good legacy.

Know that I will never stop loving you. Also, your acceptance of my partner and your openness to her different race showed your beautiful, generous nature. Thanks so much. I thought when you came to live with me that it would be a nightmare, but I felt obligated to grit my teeth and do what one should. Instead, it has become my blessing.

When you saw my ex-husband and told him not to be a jerk to your daughter, former disappointment was like water under the bridge. You stood up for me! Such a silly little moment at which everyone laughed at the little old lady and continued on with the conversation, but for me it meant the world. I love you. You brought into this world a young woman who will never forget that she owes her wonderful life to hardship, sacrifice and the luck of the draw, who will spend her wonderful life serving those who have no choices and even less luck.

Though I know that I will never know you, I dream of making waves that you will feel from half a world away. May you recognize their cadence and know that they began within you. I was a freshman in college. We also appreciated the individual attention we received from the staff and the owner of the hotel. The property had a nice access to the sea and the view from the room was breathtaking.

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We felt very much at home and as I mentioned in my review, we are planning on going back. The information folder was not near the bed. We found it hidden down the side of a cupboard the next day, which was when we realised we'd missed our breakfast. I have also checked the other reviews for your hotel and we aren't the only ones who were dissatisfied. In fact you accused someone else of lying and I know they were not - they referred to the odd position of the toilet meaning they couldn't close the bathroom door and unless this problem exists in more than 1 room we had the same room as them.

In your response, as well as accusing them of lying, you also claimed your bathrooms have TVs and jacuzzis! Who is the liar?! Your customer service is appalling and in receipt of your response I only wish I could downgrade my rating even further. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join.

Log in Join. Please can you kindly tell me date of See all questions. Ranked 1 of 5 Specialty Lodging in Bjelila.

Villa K. This review is completely honest. We stayed under my companion's name. The roof really is ugly and your hotel really is over-priced. Answer Hi, sorry to ask but does the superior double or twin room have a balcony. I am strong.


I've been trying really hard to get out and meet people so I'm not lonely all the time. I've made some new friends here in the cities. I wish you could meet them. I wish I could meet your friends in Texas. I am turning 21 soon. Really soon, actually. Everyone keeps asking me what I want for my birthday. I think I need some sort of closure that I still am not getting. I am still holding onto some sort of hope Hope for what? I'm not quite sure. Mostly that you still care about me and that you miss me as much as I miss you because I've never had to "get over" anyone before and everyone told me how hard it would be but I didn't think I would wake up every morning and burst into tears I didn't think that letting go would take this long I am, however, so happy that I am still single REALLY single.

I wonder if you are too. I got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago. It's a white two-door honda. They kinda let me do my own thing and have stopped trying to convert me.

Six Ladies - Say dear, will you not have me (Th. Morley)

Has your situation with your folks gotten any better? I wish i could have taken you down to the courthouse in the capital to watch all the weddings happen. I know it's probably silly to write it because you said you would stop checking this website.

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So far no luck. In the past two months, I have let myself make a lot of mistakes.

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But on the other hand, nothing has changed how I feel about you. I miss you and I care about you. Don't take this the wrong way but I love you. I need to keep on keeping on. I just needed to get this all off of my chest maybe tonight i'll be able to fall asleep without keeping myself awake crying. Skaidrum Apr Dear Aries,. I like to convince myself that she's a walking solar system. She reminds me of Venus the most. Muscles and skin of iron and goldenrod, they carve out our very own Aphrodite, which is you, it's always been you. And her lungs, they remind me of the honesty of Pluto.

So small, and docile, like an elliptical smile of grey fire. Would you lay with me a while, count your unconditional lovers; like our burnt stars in mason jars? Sincerely, Capricorn. N Nov Dear Depression. Dear depression, I was 11 when you forced yourself on me. You never introduced yourself or even asked to be friends, you just took over my life. My happy days were gone, you kept following me around making me feel unwanted. I did not want you here. You grew as I grew, creeping into the quiet moments when I thought I was alone.

You made me feel like I was nothing. I woke up looking forward to sleeping again - it was my escape. Yet you made my escape so difficult to reach. I used to be so happy when the sun came out shining on my skin as I ran through the yard and laughed, with no care in the world.

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But that laughter turned into tears, the sun into darkness. My heart and soul cries for help as I try to fight you. You changed me - You keep me in my thoughts. I'm stuck in a dark empty place that was once my self, but now it's gone. You left me far beneath my tears. You have taken my life away. Why can't you just be gone already!!! I do not want you here, I never did! You have taken so much, what else do you want from me?!

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I don't want you as a friend anymore. I can't take the constant fighting for my life. You ruined me. You ruined my mind, heart, body, and soul. You come back every time but you never leave. When will you leave me? I write sobbing knowing how much you have damaged me. I want you to leave and never come back. There's not enough room for both of us. So may the best one win. Grace Spellman Jan Dear Farmer Poet.

He Pa'amon Feb Dear boy. But then you didn't let me leave, even when I tried, you only held me closer. I liked you because I thought you must honestly like me. I liked you because I could not see how someone like you could like someone like me.