Rich Dads Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future

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In business, your greatest enemy is oftentimes yourself. Find out how to identify the elements of self-sabotage and navigate your way around them. Businesses finally figured out how to deal with The Millennials, and now the next generation has arrived. In this episode find out who Gen Z is, what kind of employees they are, what kind of consumers they are, and most importantly, how they integrate into the business community.

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Businesses fail because leaders fail. Leaders fail because they B. Jon shares how he cuts through the B. This can impact their ability to think critically and overcome obstacles.

Greg Lukianoff joins Robert to discuss how an entire generation may be headed for failure. Real estate markets are approaching prices; in some places even exceeding prices from a decade ago. Mass migration, the rise of anti-establishment politicians, and global cynicism can all be linked directly to The Great Recession of There are three economic developments currently at play that likely will dramatically impact the global economy and your wealth.

Corruption and mismanagement by government and business elites will never be stopped. In fact, it will only get worse and cost you more of your savings. You likely know what the U.

Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future

Most people aspire to live life with passion, but purpose, rather than passion, is the key to a successful life. Find out why purpose is harder than passion, but ultimately more rewarding. Why is Trump starting a trade war with China? From Wal-Mart shoppers to k investors, what happens in China impacts all Americans. The U. Find out what a financial collapse looks like and what you can do to survive it. Wall Street supposedly cleaned up its act after the Great Recession.

How then could the biggest banking fraud ever unfold in the years after ? Stocks are at all-time highs. Will they continue to rise? Hear how each entrepreneur created a business, overcame enormous obstacles and succeeded. This is a must-listen episode for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Business is a team sport. Going it alone limits your capacity to grow and succeed. Secret societies are not just subjects of Hollywood movies; they exist in the real world.

Find out how they work, how they influence your lives and how you can protect yourself from them. In this episode, Robert speaks with Tom Wheelwright, his personal tax advisor.

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Find out how the changes affect you, and what you can do to pay less taxes. Robert always says that dealing with people is the hardest part of entrepreneurship. Find out who you are, and just as importantly, how to build a team with complimentary characteristics. Find out how your wealth, investments and financial future may be manipulated without your knowledge, and what you can do about it.

If young people lose confidence in capitalism, what effect will it have on the U. Langone shares insights on founding Home Depot, and as a result, helping over 3, employees become millionaires. Schools refuse to teach financial education. In this episode, Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner brings his entire family into the studio to discuss how he and his wife educate their kids, navigate the public schools and deal with parents who are financially ignorant.

Find out what the intended and unintended consequences of these trade wars will have on your investing, your business and your retirement. The rich are getting richer, and the middle class is getting poorer. Find out how severe income disparity impacts you and how you can protect yourself from its pitfalls. In this episode Robert speaks to a teenager who is already earning income through entrepreneurial endeavors. Robert also speaks to a man who became financially free while in jail. The spirit of giving makes good business sense. In this episode, Robert speaks with John Ruhlin about effective gift giving as a marketing and sales tool.

Find out why giving away coffee mugs with your company logo may be hurting sales. Building a successful business starts with knowing what kind of builder you are. In this episode Kim speaks with Sangeeta Badal of Gallup about her research into what drives entrepreneurial success.

Find out why some entrepreneurs are good builders, and some are not. The Great Recession triggered central banks to collude and print massive amounts of money. Once you understand how un-checked massive money printing works, you may want to reassess your investing strategy. Entrepreneurs must be able to persuade and inspire. The truth is becoming harder to detect in this age of fake news, deception and technology. If the truth can set you free, then lies can keep you shackled to unproductive business practices and relationships.

Find out how you can learn how to uncover liars and align yourself with the truth. Business and wealth could drastically change with the advent of bitcoin and blockchain. Find out which businesses will be positively and negatively impacted, and how you can plan to successfully adapt to this new way of doing business. Financial education is more challenging than ever today. Who do you trust? Where do you find authentic information?

Your personal and business details are valuable and under threat. The direction of the stock market effects a lot more than just stock investors. This week we talk with Dr. Successful entrepreneurs must raise capital, and that means understanding how to talk about money. In this episode, Kim talks to Kathleen Burns Kingsbury about building financial confidence.

Krista Morgan also joins Kim to discuss how she raised millions of dollars to propel her business P2Binvestor. Robert says no entrepreneur will succeed without learning how to communicate effectively. In this episode, Robert Cialdini discusses his ground-breaking research into persuasion and influence. Find out how you can apply it to your business and life and better achieve your goals. In my opinion, rich dad is becoming too commercialized, first it is real estate, personal finance, now is stock and commodities?

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I suppose it was launched at a time when gold and silver were making record highs in November they still are! I found the initial history lesson interesting but a little drawn out. I have read most of Kiyosaki and his advisor books and after a while they all seem to sound the same. This one was more interesting but Maloney obviously felt obliged to laud Kiyosaki's other books as totally amazing and the best books he has read. I find this difficult to believe. He is a learned gent and has read many quality books on The Fed etc.

I read this book after the financial crisis had already unfolded but Maloney predicted it or something similar with eery truth around pg. In a nutshell the book says that the only true currency is gold and silver and the cash the dollar is just a fiat currency, in the more can be printed. In times of distress people flock to precious metals and these prices go crazy. Stock photo. Search Results Results 1 of Business Plus. Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading. May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text.

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