Proceedings of the 10th Marcel Grossmann meeting on GR, part B

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Vincent, P. Gourgoulhon, R. Vincent, Z. Meliani, P. Nicolas, N. Andersson, A. Casse, P. Dauvergne : On tidal disruption of clouds and disk formation near boson stars , Classical and Quantum Gravity 34 , DOI : Grould, Z. Bejger, A. Rozanska, O. Straub, T. Paumard, M. Fortin, J. Madej, A. Majczyna, E. Haensel, L. Ageev, I.


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Gourgoulhon : Strategy to detect the gravitational radiation counterpart of gamma-ray bursts , in Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Orsay, November , Eds. Hello, pp. Aubourg, T. Montmerle, J. Haensel, J. Kramer, N. Combes, D.

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Thirteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, The On Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental Gen

Baldo, F. Burgio, H. Haensel, M. Gourgoulhon : Improved constrained scheme for the Einstein equations : An approach to the uniqueness issue , in Physics and Mathematics of Gravitation , Proceedings of the Spanish Relativity Meeting Salamanca, Spain, September , edited by K. Kunez, M. Paumard, G. Karunatillake, and M. Upon request, he wrote several review articles explaining Special Relativity; in the process he realized that "all natural phenomena could be discussed in terms of special relativity except for the law of gravitation.

Many scientists did not accept Einstein's ideas at first. But confirmation of his theory came in when astronomers documented the deflection of starlight by the Sun's gravity. Einstein had predicted this phenomenon, but he could not foresee the fame that would follow. Seeing is Believing Sir Arthur Eddington led a expedition that captured the eclipse images needed to confirm what General Relativity predicted: the Sun's gravity deflects light.

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Age-old question Sir Isaac Newton wondered "Do not Bodies act upon Light at a distance, and by their action bend its Rays; and is not this action strongest at the least distance? Sci, 61, Cardoso J. Aquino, N. A : Math. Attos, O. Thermal Anal. Einstein turned to marcel grossmann for assistance. Einstein's thinking was visual, tactile and kinesthetic. The historian of science, Gerald Holton, described these qualities: "The objects of the imagination were to him evidently, persuasively real visual materials, which he voluntarily and playfully could reproduce and combine.

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In one of these he imagines riding through space astride a light wave, and looking back at the next wave. While working on a comprehensive paper on the special theory of relativity, Einstein wrote of a major insight about the relativistic interpretation of the gravitational field. This insight was powerful visually and kinesthetically, but it was just the starting point of a long process of conceptual analysis that led to his general theory of relativity.

That task required a non-linear mathematical model. Einstein turned to Marcel Grossmann for assistance. He described his intellectual strengths and weaknesses in this way: "I grasp things in a broad way easily. The two men co-authored a number of influential publications. Later, Einstein was able to use this branch of mathematics without relying on Grossmann.

He also became a frequent and enthusiastic collaborator with other partners. Publications Blanchet of the 8th marcel grossmann meeting on general relativity, Eds. Ruffini, Dankder Hilfe seines Schulfreundes marcel grossmann wurde er am Conferences Une mise au point. Zurich Nbq 27 La Svizzera e la Seconda guerra mondiale. Un chiarimento.