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When this happens, the problem may go undetected if there is no solution in place that senses and alerts you when temperatures fall outside acceptable parameters. Due to the ongoing enforcement of this law, plants that lack proper temperature-control methods can expect to rack up substantial expenses linked to processing mishaps that result in food spoilage. Going digital with your checklists is the best way to ensure that employees perform all the tasks required of them and that they have access to all pertinent data.

Among other benefits, digital checklists can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, whereas paper-based types cannot. An automated temperature monitoring and electronic checklist system offers the modern meat processing plant a broad range of HACCP-compliant, money-saving benefits. Making a single investment now can make a world of difference tomorrow.

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BookGilt is our fast, yet robust metasearch for antiquarian books that searches across dozens of sites worldwide. What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart. Cart items. Toggle navigation. Adjust your search criteria ISBN 13 Packaging The fresh sausage product will then be packaged for sale to the customer. The product may be wrapped in a gas impermeable plastic, and placed into refrigerated storage or display. Retail fresh sausage will however be tray packed.

Production Equipment Grinders: Grinders are used to chop the meat ingredients into small pieces. Blenders: Blenders use screw-like agitators to mix the solid ground meat mixture with any additional non-meat ingredients to create a consistent distribution of all ingredients within the formulation.


Bowl Cutters: Bowl Choppers silent cutters utilize a series of knives that chop and mix the product formulation. Smokehouses: Smokehouses are heated drying rooms into which the manufacturer injects smoke.

Inside The Meat Processing Plant - Inside The Food Factory - Incredible Process Worth Watching HD

The smoke adds specific flavors to the product, and helps dry and cure the product. The smokehouse may also serve as a controlled thermal processing chamber, and is used to dry, smoke, heat, cool, and add humidity to the product. Recorders: Smokehouse recorders are devices that monitor and track the smoking duration for each sausage production run.

The smoking process must be carefully controlled to ensure a consistent level of product quality. Peelers: Peelers will be used to remove non-edible casings from sausage products during the later stages of the production process. Coolers: Coolers use refrigeration to lower the temperature of the sausage product. Packaging Equipment: The final sausage product is often packaged prior to sale.

Meat Processing

Packaging typically consists of wrapping the product in plastic film. The packaging protects the product from cross contamination, and helps to retard spoilage caused by contact with the air. These equipment will however go through all the necessary maintenance regularly to help enable them work effectively and efficiently for successful operation at the unit. They may also be changed or adjusted to suit changing environmental situation as and when the need arises. The types will be smoked hams, baked hams and hams cooked in water. The ground meat and the spices are mixed together using the meat mixer.

The next step is to fill into greased baking pans and bake them with the aid of an oven. The baked meat is left to cool and later packaged as meat loaf. This product can be produced in the end by ensuring all equipment needed to produce are available as well as adhering all food safety measures needed to provide safe and quality meat loaf to consumers. TABLE 6. However, if there is any inadequacy in supply, outsourcing will be done to supplement our operation from any reliable farm such as Darko Farms, Akate Farms, Kumah Farms and other local producers or raisers.

The chicken and chevon will be used to process sausages and as fresh goat cuts respectively. In other to ensure good marketing strategy, one needs to consider very well all the opponents that make up the marketing mix. These components are the product, price, promotion and place.

Meat processing alternative

The product has to do with bringing out the right product that suits the needs of your target market. Manufacturing something that helps satisfy the actual needs of consumers is a sure way of one step to success as a firm. This is mostly done on special occasions like during the festive seasons and also when school is on break. These messages are actually mostly sent to only lecturers.

Because of this the unit has lost most of its consumers since some products preferred by consumers may be out of stock after they have taken a long trip to the farm. This is due to poor marketing strategy adopted by the unit. Consumers will begin to advice themselves if they keep coming to the farm and not always getting well satisfied. The unit has lost a huge sum of its market share to other producers who even use to visit the farm for production advice. Also the unit lacks adequate packaging materials to package its products to help make it more attractive to its consumers. There are also lack of accessible sales joins to market its products if it will want to spread its tentacles from being only a research center but also profitable venture to help equip students with both effective marketing strategies for processed meats and also as a good source of income generation to the university and the nation as a whole.

With respect to packaging, the unit normally uses sheep or pig small intestines in the casing or packing of sausages. This small intestines packaging is however a very limiting factor since production will have to come to a halt whenever the unit runs out of the intestines any time processing must be done when no animal has been slaughter for its intestines to be used.

Drawing a business plan will help identify some of these products and the best way to market them. The basic purpose of packaging is to protect meat and meat products from undesirable impacts on quality including microbiological and physio-chemical alterations. This business plan help throw more light on packaging procedure which results in an inner package, where the packaging material is in direct contact with the product. In some cases it is combined with an outer package often a cardboard boxes, or other materials.

There are various synthetic packaging films available for the inner packaging, e. Place This has to do with distributing products to the right outlets for easy accessibility of all consumers. The unit happens to have only the sales point of the farm as the only outlet for selling of its products. This is however a big challenge to the unit since it makes it difficult for its consumers from far away to get access to their products resulting in losing some of their customers to their competitors. As part of its development, the group has researched on some of these sales outlets for the unit.

Also, it will be very expedient for the unit to widely distribute some of its products to popular and most patronized super markets in the region and the country at large so that it will facilitate easy accessibility of its products by both present and potential consumers. This is because KNUST competes not on price, but on flexibility, the quality of services and products, and the availability of specialty, value added products.

Below is a pie chart representation of the capital structure. All things being equal prices for the various products and expenses are expected to be constant for the 5 years projected. All things being equal the bank interest rate is expected to be constant from the 2nd year to the 4th year. Risk management has been a very effective tool to manage these risks on a macroeconomic level.

However, at the micro economic level, risk management standards vary considerably across the industry. Small meat processing retailers tend to have very high competition because of their increasing numbers. Meat processors process animals from livestock producers within the region. Processors compete with each other on price, speed of service, quality, and varying sausage types. Also, due to many processors adopting forwards vertical integration, they tend to establish their own retail outlets and prefer to sell in only those joints. In view of this, they compete with local retailers in retail meat business.

Meat Processing - 1st Edition

The line of work of meat processors is in such a way that, there are seasonal variations in demand during festive seasons which tends to affect the stability of sales. The work of the meat processing industry in Ghana is also drastically affected by energy crisis due to the instability of electricity supply in the country, taking into consideration the high use of electricity in its activities.

There are several risks facing the smooth flow of the meat industry supply chain which is driving potential investor away which require immediate attention if one is considering entering into such a venture. This is due to the fact that most processors are concerned with value addition to be more competitive and continue to stay in business. They tend to add certain necessary non-value added activities they think are necessary to improve the end product which the consumers are not ready to pay for. This results in very competitive prices for the industry.

They are always ready to purchase imported meat products at a higher price than the locally manufactured products posing a very high competition for the industry in this country. This account for the purchase of refrigerators and other preservatives to enhance its shelf life. This tends to increase the cost of production and make this venture a high capital required business. This leads to excessive scrutiny of the meat they purchase. Internally, the company current problem is devising a way to tackle the current power fluctuations in the country, by instituting measures to help curb this situation.

To address this, the unit will purchase a stand-by generating plant to support our machines; especially our fridges since a little delay in power supply will lead to damage of our product because of it short shelf life. Furthermore, there will be continuous training of employees and proper management team to aid in the improvement of product quality and good customer satisfaction to help increase our competitiveness in the market.

Also to prevent any shortage in our raw materials which will result in the delay in supply of our products, effective economic order quantity measures will be adhered to. Proper records keeping and fist party audit by the university auditors will curtail theft and malfeasance which may occur. Externally, the company faces competition from other meat processing companies and cold store operators who import cheap meat products from Brazil and America in to the country. We intend using broad low cost and differentiation strategy and effective advertisement to outlay information about our products to consumers.

Effective management team will be tasked to take timely decisions to meet changing economic and market changes that can inhibit the profitability of the business. Periodic training and development given to employees will keep them abreast modern techniques of reducing waste and risks associated with production.

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The meat industry plays a crucial role in the economies of many countries, including Ghana by providing protein needs, generating employment and income, Saving and or generating foreign exchange. Objective of the study The general objective is to draw a business plan to cater for KNUST meat processing Unit in the Kumasi Metropolis to assess its feasibility, possible expansion and its profitability.

Meat processing technologies have greatly benefited from recent research and development in food processing techniques, equipment design and computer based automation ILO, Description of business VISION The vision of the unit is to be the leader in research center for meat processing as well as a reliable and profitable commercial center.

Business description The KNUST meat processing unit is a manufacturing unit that seeks to conduct research, produce and process meat products. Risk management The Ghanaian meat processing industry is exposed to significant and varied risks, many which could result in catastrophic losses and consequences for the industry as a whole.

The meat processing unit is faced with challenges from internal and external forces. These factors includes power fluctuation, bureaucracies in decision making, Price and value addition, competition and quality, Life span of products and Health related issues. Management has made provisions to mitigate all associated risks by insuring the business against fire. Total quality management will be integrated in the processes to mitigate all product quality process.

A plant will be acquired to curtail any power fluctuations. The unit will adopt effective communication strategies to speed decision making. Food and Nutrition Paper. Rome, Italy. Pp Heinz, G. RAP Publication. Sixth Edition. Wood head Publishing limited, England. Pp Quaye, Abraham Nii Omani Published thesis. Related Papers. Opportunities in food processing Setting up and running a small meat or fish processing enterprise.

How to improve quality and safety of raw meat products with HPP

By Rodah Zulu. By Mohammad Rifky. Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry. Fraqueza , and E. Fermented Meat and Poultry. By Gabriel Teye and Moses Teye.