Mastering Unity 2D Game Development

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Mastering Unity 5. Alan Thorn. Creating E-Learning Games with Unity. David Horachek. Paul Zirkle. Jerron Smith. Instant Android Fragmentation Management How-to. Gianluca Pacchiella. The iOS 5 Developer's Cookbook. Learning Anime Studio. Chapter 1 is an overview of the updates that occurred in Unity 4. I went through the book using Unity 4.

Many links are provided for reference throughout the book; but knowing how to use coroutines and delegates will definitely help you complete the examples in the book. Chapters 2 and 3 explain how to set up the foundation of the RPG project and begin with having you create a 2D game character and animate it. In chapter 4 the background for your initial scene is created and then populated with some trees, rocks and even store and house sprites.

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development - Second Edition [DOWNLOAD]

This chapter also talks about transitioning from the background edges to another scene that you will set-up. Chapter 5 is a heavily scripting-oriented chapter and has you create some NPCs and then set-up a conversation system. This chapter also discusses co-routines and how to use them in Unity. Chapter 6 discusses places online to have maps drawn for you and alternately gives advice on how to create your own game world map.

The world map for the game is placed in your project and a nice fade-in technique is used to transition between the world map and the local scene for your player.

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In chapter 7 a battle system is created and the book explains how to have goblins randomly spawn in your scene. In chapter 8 a shop is created so that you can purchase a sword to fight the goblins from chapter 7. Both chapters discuss the creation of an inventory system and how to add the sword stats as a bonus to the battle system.

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Chapter 9 talks about using a state system for the battle and also programming a user interface system to keep the player informed about the battle. Chapter 10 is all about creating particle systems for the battles in your RPG and chapter 11 discusses expanding the Unity editor to create some nice menus for your game. I found chapter 11 a really interesting read as I was not aware that you could expand Unity that much for your own purposes. Chapter 12 concludes the book with information on building your game for different platforms.

There is also a lot of links listed presenting information on a variety of tutorials and tools for working with Unity. This is a great book for Unity and one that I will keep around for reference on how to do a lot of programming in Unity. I am really pleased that I had a chance to read the book and try the code. You can also find the download with all the assets for the RPG project there and a PDF that has all the pictures from the book.

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I liked this book but I don't want to give a 3 star rating without explaining why. It is important to note that my experience is with the first version of this book. If an updated version is ever released, it will hopefully resolve these issues: Update: a new version was finally released at the end of October. I have not read it but assume it fixes many or all of the issues I encountered.

First, I want to assert that the author is a genuinely nice guy and was always happy to answer any questions I liked this book but I don't want to give a 3 star rating without explaining why. First, I want to assert that the author is a genuinely nice guy and was always happy to answer any questions I had. He's setup a forum and seems to care about the people reading the book.

Unfortunately you're likely going to need that forum because the book has technical problems that prevent following along with it. There are several places where editing process made source code unusable small example: MonoBehaviour was renamed to MonoBehavior and there are some changes that have occurred in Unity itself that make at least one approach in the book no longer valid the NPC script cannot inherit from Entity, it has to inherit from MonoBehaviour - and this causes a cascade of other things in the book you have to tweak to make it work.

Perhaps worst of all, I don't have much confidence in the publisher's ability to fix any of this. I reported errata starting from Sept 1 and had conversations with the author through the following weeks. The Packtpub site shows 97 errata submitted but they still haven't issued an updated version.

If a book is so fundamentally broken that people can't follow along, shouldn't updating it be a high priority? This is very frustrating. I can only recommend this if you don't mind spending a lot of your time trying to compare the source code to the book and working around other issues. Again, to his credit, the author is happy to help and I know wishes the book's flaws were already corrected. Nov 23, Marc-anthony Taylor rated it really liked it Shelves: tech. The title is somewhat misleading. First off I think it may put people off who despite being beginners in Unity would almost definitely benefit from it.

Nor do I think it takes you all the way to mastery but I don't think any book can! It does, however, take you beyond 'beginner' books and doesn't dawdle on the basics of programming. It is suggested that you be familiar with the basic workflow and terminology of Unity to get you caught up you should check out Learning Unity 2D Game Developmen The title is somewhat misleading.

It is suggested that you be familiar with the basic workflow and terminology of Unity to get you caught up you should check out Learning Unity 2D Game Development by Example which I reviewed here. Throughout the book you work on a single RPG project. This approach lends itself to learning a framework like Unity well, allowing you to draw on various methods and practices again and again as you build your game. The choice of project also helps in learning to plan your game which is one of the most important lessons I have taken from the book. I find it helps that RPGs have, by necessity, a narrative that can be used to shape the development process.

The conception and the mechanics of creating a game are well covered with each subject and step explained in a concise fashion that doesn't force you out of learning even when you have to look elsewhere for details. The book covers a wide variety of topics and the author does an admirable job of pointing you in the right direction when you need more info or to points of interest outwith the scope of the book.

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development Building Exceptional 2D Games with Unity

Jackson also seems to always have an eye on the future mentioning throughout about leaving things open for the possibility of an update or DLC. At only one point did I find this jarring, when discussing an in game store the subject of monetization comes up and seemed, to me, a little out of place. This is definitely the most in depth book I have read on game dev and it would be easy to spend a long time following its instruction and probably still not get every possible thing out of it. It isn't easy going the whole way through and you are forced to tackle some tough topics but at no point do the tasks seem insurmountable.

It is a book I will definitely be coming back to! If you are finding the best book to teach you how to develop 2D game in Unity then grab this book. This book covers a lot of things you need from setting up a project until publishing the game.