Managing Cancer during Pregnancy

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However, this cohort also reflected the changing treatment options and outcomes for pregnant women with cancer. For every five years between and , treatment increased by ten per cent.

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Furthermore, live birth rates increased at the same time as premature birth rates decreased. Meanwhile, maternal survival was similar to non-pregnant women being treated for cancer, with encouraging foetal outcomes also noted.

Breast Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy (PDQ®)

This new report, led by a team at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, therefore stressed that oncologic treatment is possible during pregnancy without endangering maternal or foetal safety. That is not to say that cancer during pregnancy does not present challenging conditions for oncologists.

Cancer During Pregnancy

The study went on to discuss a number of areas that must be given careful consideration, which we will look at below. The report noted that cancer diagnoses during pregnancy can often be delayed due to symptoms of malignancy being confused with symptoms of pregnancy.

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  6. This can lead to treatment options becoming more complex and prognosis worsening. Furthermore, tumour markers typically used for diagnosis may be lower during pregnancy or less sensitive. Cancer specialists must therefore negotiate these difficulties in order to begin treatment as quickly as possible for the patient. The research noted that X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound all continue to be excellent tools for staging and diagnosis, as long as the proper safety measures are employed.

    General Information About Breast Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy

    On the contrary, computed tomography is best avoided because it would push radiation exposure to the foetus above the safe level and could cause malformation and childhood cancer. Nonetheless, there are still many methods that can be employed to quickly examine potential cancers and devise treatment plans before they spread to dangerous stages. This new research examined a number of different types of maternal cancer and found that they all have discrete requirements in terms of treatment. For instance, immediate definitive treatment is generally recommended for invasive cervical cancer when it has progressed during the pregnancy, regardless of gestational age.

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    In the case of breast cancer, radical mastectomy is usually recommended in the first trimester, followed by adjuvant chemotherapy in the second, while ovarian cancer typically calls for surgery once the first trimester has passed. The report detailed how important it is to take into account types of cancer and their aggression when discussing cancer treatment during pregnancy. As already mentioned above, the research documented how cancer treatment will differ depending on where the tumour is and how aggressive it is.

    In pregnant women, traditional types of treatment need to be carefully reviewed and gauged with regard to their safety for mother and baby. In radiotherapy, the oncologist must minimise radiation to the foetus below 50 to 11 mGy , while the timing of delivery for chemotherapy should be carefully planned for after complete organogenesis, yet prior to three weeks before the birth.

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    Contrary to popular belief, the study pointed out that long-term follow-up of children whose mothers received chemotherapy during pregnancy show no sign of increased risk of congenital abnormalities or mental delay. Passe-partout Titre Personne.

    Managing cancer during pregnancy. Ouvrage auteur unique. In this context a multidisciplinary perspective is essential, and contributions are accordingly presented from experts in surgical management, medical oncology, radiotherapy, pharmacokinetics, obstetric care, psychological care, neonatal and pediatric care.

    Breast cancer during pregnancy - Meghan Martin's story

    In addition a series of chapters focused on management in particular disease settings are presented, including breast cancer, melanoma, cervical cancer, ovarian tumors, lymphoma, leukemia, and thoracic cancers. The book reflects the major progress that has been achieved in the care of pregnant cancer patients in the recent years as important data have become available on patient management, and fetal safety in addition to valuable preclinical research on the impact of pregnancy on pharmacokinetics of anti-cancer agents.