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Action : First, you ready any Activated used cards that you have. Then you can spend points to move aliens 1 point per space , spawn new aliens in your landing zone 1 point per alien, maximum 4 aliens at a time , buy Alien Menace tokens 2 points per token , or use Event cards.

E.O. Wilson’s provocative evolution theory, ‘The Social Conquest of Earth’

Some Event cards have a yellow Action point cost — you just pay the cost to play the Event. Battle : This is when you fight the puny humans or other Aliens, if you've moved into their spaces. If the space is empty, you draw a new Location card and place it there, and then resolve any battles that take place there. If there is already a Location that hasn't been conquered, then you'll fight a battle there as well as long as it has Resistance of at least 1.

Finally, if you're in a location with any other opponent's Aliens, you'll fight battles there. For the human Resistance, basically you'll fight a number of rounds equal to the Resistance value of the location the number in the blue shield. You draw one Resistance card — if it says "Hero" on it then you keep drawing until you draw a non-Hero card. Heroes add strength to other Resistance cards and they can stack up. Some Resistance have special effects which you'll need to resolve before you get to fight them. You roll a die, and an opponent rolls a die for the Resistance. You add your result to your total strength, which is your alien race's Strength value multiplied by the number of saucers you have at the battle.

Compare this to the total Resistance their Strength plus the die roll. If you're higher, you win the fight and defeat the Resistance and then continue if there is more than one Resistance at that Location. If you're lower, you lose one saucer and remove it from the board. If it's a tie, nobody wins and you can fight again. Rolling a 6 is a "crushing victory" and is an automatic win even if the total strength value is less.

Finally, after each fight round is resolved, you can retreat instead of continuing to fight.

The Social Conquest of Earth by Edward O. Wilson

Once you've defeated all the Resistance in a Location, you get to place a Conquest marker on that spot, and you get points equal to the population the number in the green icon. Captain Fantastic is a special Resistance card — he's Earth's superhero, and he gets stronger the more aliens there are at a Location. Plus, after he's defeated, he gets reshuffled back into the Resistance deck, ready to come fight again. That means that as you destroy more and more Resistance, Captain Fantastic is more likely to show up to a fight.

Draw : You can discard up to 1 Event card from your hand and then draw back up to your Intelligence level. Those are the basics; there are more rules for resolving fights between players, stealing unguarded conquests, and Resistance counters which can be played on the board, making those Locations harder to take over. Space Stuff cards are valuable technology or alien allies which are very useful for your cause.

‘The Social Conquest of Earth,’ by Edward O. Wilson

In the cooperative game, all the aliens are working together to conquer the Earth. Your goal is to get a combined Terror points total of 8 times the number of players.

There's a Resistance Phase board with a Tech Track on it — as the humans move up on the tech track, they have the chance of developing new technology, making them stronger or giving them particular abilities — including Reverse Engineering your alien technology to use it against you.

In addition, some of the Event cards have a red area with text in them — at the beginning of the game these are separated from the deck and the Resistance will use them against the aliens. An example is the Atomic Bomb, which targets the space with the most aliens in it, destroys all the aliens in it, and then marks it "Demolished," which makes it worth no points at all. Sorry, science fiction writers: Wilson says There can never be a technologically advanced society that evolved exclusively underwater.

As humans banded together into larger groups, protection of territory and food supplies became ever more important. The natural tendency of humans toward war is an inevitable outgrowth of this need, as is religion. Those tendencies are all an inevitable outcome of genetics and group and individual selection under evolutionary pressure, he says, which is part of our innate being.

Morning Edition

The creation of human society is the greatest feat that biology has ever achieved, Wilson argues, but it is also an unmitigated disaster for the planet. Overpopulation, global warming, depletion of resources, pollution and the extinction of other species threaten to end life on Earth as we know it. And migrating to the stars is not a solution, he adds. Given the age of the universe, if such travel over the massive distances of the cosmos were possible, some other civilization would have already visited us.

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Instead of venturing through space, he speculates, other sentient beings may have chosen to fix things on their own planet, eliminating the necessity of leaving. We will do a lot more damage to ourselves and the rest of life along the way, but out of an ethic of simple decency to one another, the unrelenting application of reason, and acceptance of what we truly are, our dreams will finally come home to stay.

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