Computer Science Education in the 21st Century

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Design, compile and run programs in various languages.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Students will: 1 Contribute to the solution space to empower communities as a responsible digital citizen.

The necessity for Computer Science in the 21st Century

Advisory Board. Dan Garcia, University of California Berkeley. Brian Harvey, University of California Berkeley.

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However, there is emerging good news—momentum is building to provide wider access for students to computational skills, computer science education and next generation ways of learning and teaching. To build on this momentum — and in advance of Computer Science Education Week December — we are reissuing the call to public and private sector partners from districts across the country to commit to doing more to provide students with access to computer science and we want to hear about remarkable computer science educators and students in your commun ity!

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As you celebrate Computer Science Education Week, think about new commitments and remarkable CS champions and submit your ideas! Thank you for joining the White House in celebrating these Champions and building on the momentum to get more students access to high-quality computer science education. Chief Technology Officer.

Computer science education in the 21st century

As a computer science engineering graduate, i can proudly say that, it will the future. We are already seeing drastic changes in the way we use the gadgets. Its great to see such events conducted. Highly appreciated.


Computer engineers are those who have diversified job options with various multi-functionalities that can be done. He can do things from writing small snippets of code to building large scale application. They need themselves to be updated on the daily basis as and when the new technology keeps discovering.

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These are the sharp minds that are always on the cutting edge of a knife! The benefit of working with computer whether a layman or an expert is that nothing is impossible!

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The work can be carried from remote locations inclusive home. The field of computer engineer is not only limited to writing code but there is vast diversified area of analysis, designing, and implementation i.

There is no specific bind to work area, any company, whether small or large scale, any field whether IT or non-IT requires computer engineers for their daily working. Computer science focuses more on the designing algorithms of the software involved and developing the same.