Awakening Presence

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Use of eyes: detecting, focusing, fixing, peripheral vision and the direction of the gaze. Changing perspective. Seeing and being seen. Maintaining full presence only on bodily sensations.

Presence: Awakening

Dealing with sensation in presence. Focusing on a contact point in movement. Relaxing and breathing in contact. It deals with the correct attitude, body posture and ways of integrating meditation into daily life.

How to "Awaken"- Relaxing into presence

Intuitive Awareness Ajahn Sumedho These transcribed talks by Ajahn Sumedho convey an intuitive understanding of the Buddha's teaching which has arisen from the author's many years of practice as a Buddhist monk. Kamma and the End of Kamma Ajahn Succito Unknown This book explores a range of ways in which the principle of kamma - of cause and effect - can be seen as underlying the Buddha's teaching in all aspects of life.

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Often seen as a teaching on morality, kamma has its most transformative fruition in meditation. Living Dhamma Ajahn Chah Unknown This is a collection of nine transcribed Dhamma talks given by Ajah Chah to the lay community as well as to the monastic community in Thailand.

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Mara and the Mangala Ajahn Amaro Unknown This story is intended to be both a partner to the novel 'The Pilgrim Kamanita,' written by Karl Gjellerup in , and a tale that stands on its own. There is no need to have read the earlier book in order to make sense of this one.

The guidance offered is relvant to all those who cultivate the inner life. Hopefully the reader can catch a glimpse of the "No Ajahn Chah" who used to say, "I'm always talking about things to develop and things to give up, but, really, there's nothing to develop and nothing to give up".

Awakening Through The Pain-Body

These talks consider the way we relate to the Three Refuges, using the basic meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing and reaching for Nibbana, the goal. On Love Ajahn Jayasaro Unknown From the book: Is it love truly part of the solution to our suffering in life or does it merely compound it?

My short answer to this question is that it depends.

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On what? On the kind of love and how you care for it.

June 21 – The Presence of God – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

These teachings are extracts from longer talks printed in full elsewhere. Rain on the Nile Ajahn Amaro Unknown From Ajahn Amaro: "When Silent Rain was first compiled, part of the idea of producing such a varied collection of material — talks, poems, travelogues and artwork — was that it would then provide an easy source for smaller offprints over the years.

Rain on the Nile is both an outcome of that original intention as well as an arena for the offering up of some more recent material — to wit, the travelogue of a journey to Egypt made in December of Meditation alone is not a guaranteed entry into the sublime.

This booklet is about the recognition and cultivation of skilful means whereby we bring emotive forces into our daily lives. They spent six months together retracing the Buddha's footsteps in India, along with many detours and sidetracks both physical and psychological. Instructions for meditation retreat days.

Awakening Through The Pain-Body – A Four-Week Journey to Presence and Authenticity with Kim Eng

She had had an awakening earlier this year, but had not told anybody except her family. When awakening happens that powerfully, the energy transmits itself through the person and is a blessing and an invitation for all who come into contact with it.

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So I asked her whether she would be willing to share her experience and answer questions by people who are interested or feel called to be in her presence. This meeting will happen next Thursday evening, June 16, at 7 pm , in the office on Van Horne. You'll find the details HERE.